The objective of Roulette casino game is to choose the winning number which would appear on Roulette wheel. You could also choose colors or guess whether it is even or odd or bet on number combinations. The game is not as easy as it appears.

The Roulette Wheel

Roulette wheel is of two types namely the American wheel and European wheel. The European wheel has 37 slots number range from 0-36 with a house edge of 2.63, whereas American wheel has 38 slots due to addition of a double zero. Due to this extra number, the house edge is increased to 5.26%.

The Layout of the game:

Roulette game was actually invented in France. The present layout which is found in today’s casinos dates back to year 1842. There are 2 betting areas in Roulette layouts in which inside betting area will have individual layout numbers and outside betting area will have boxes for the columns, odd or even, red or black and different number groups.

The numbers in inside layout are arranged in twelve rows of 3 numbers which form 3 vertical columns. The 00 and 0 are at top of these columns.

Buying In

You should buy special roulette chips if you wish to play the game. In order to avoid problems and confusions, each player will have a unique color chip. These chips are only usable for roulette table, and you should convert them to cash after completing your game. You cannot cash your roulette chips like regular casino chips at the cage.

Every roulette table will have maximum and minimum bet. You cannot combine your outside and inside bets for meeting the minimum of the table. If you minimum bet is 5 dollars, you must bet $5 on the table inside and $5 on the table outside. You cannot bet $2 outside and $3 inside.

Inside Bets

There are many inside bets which you can make in roulette game. You can bet on a number directly or span the line between numbers and choose a number combination.

The payouts will be as below,

Straight Up : You make a bet on single number and the pay out is 35 to 1.

Split Bet : In this you make a bet on 2 numbers and you get a pay out of 17 to 1. You can make this wager by placing your chip such that it spans the line between any 2 numbers.

Line Bet or Street Bets : It shall pay out 11 to 1. You can place this wager by holding your chip in vertical line which separates inside and outside betting regions. The chip will span the 1 st number in row.

Quad bet or Corner bet: It will pay out 8 to 1. You can make this wager by placing a chip such that it touches the 4 corners of the numbers on which you bet.

Basket bet – This bet will pay out 6 to 1 and is a 5 number bet on double zero – zero and numbers 1, 2, 3. It has a house edge of 7.89% on a double zero wheel which makes it worst bet in roulette.

Double Street bet is a bet on 6 numbers and the pay out is 5 to 1. You must place your chip on the line which separates the inside and outside betting area, similar to street bet but it will also span the row below or above.

Outside Bets

The outside bets are bets places on boxes which surround the numbers. Red Black Even and Odd is all even money bets. You must place the roulette chips in the boxes present on outside betting area.

Dozens bet is a wager made on twelve sequential numbers. In this, you shall place your bet in boxes which are marked 1-12, 25-36 or 13-24. These bets shall pay 2 to 1. If the double zero or zero appears, you will lose.

Column bets are also bets made on 12 numbers but instead of 12 sequential numbers, this wage is made on numbers present in 1 or the 3 vertical columns and also in boxes present in bottom of layout. The pay out will be 2 to 1 in these bets.

The Dealer

In roulette game, dealers keep the wheel moving every time, even in between the spins and they spin the ball in a direction opposite to rotation of the wheel which makes the ball to spin and jump before landing on the number.

The dealer will make the winning number using a marker and you shall not place any wager for next spin till the market is removed from previous winning number by the dealer. You should ensure that you wait dealers to pick up the markers before you put down your chips.
Tips for Playing Roulette:

Roulette game has high house edge, but if you play at a full table, the house edge will get decreased since you shall get about thirty spins an hour that reduces the amount of time your money gets uncovered to house edge. This shall also maximize your comp time.

Do not worry if the number you want to place a wager is already covered with roulette chips. It is possible to stack your chips above the chips of another player and this is the reason that every player has different color chips.

You can place bets after the ball is spun by the dealer. The dealer shall intimate you when to stop. When the ball slows down, the dealer shall wave his/her hand above the roulette table and beckon “No more bets”.

Some people claim that there is an easy way to be successful at Roulette but the actual truth is that no system can alter the house edge of the game. Do not waste your money by purchasing a Roulette system.